2021-2022 LUNCH and Recess

We need your help. All hands on the blacktop!

The KP PTA has learned there will soon be an opportunity for volunteers to help out at the school, initially to support outdoor lunch. If you would like to volunteer at the school (for outdoor lunch or otherwise), please get ready by following these steps:

1. Complete the MCPS volunteer form:


Print out or save a PDF of the completed form.

2. Complete the MCPS Child Abuse and Neglect training AND vaccination attestation:


There is a user guide here to help navigate the training:


Print out or save a PDF of your course grade sheet (your total grade should be 91.67%).

3. Share your availability to volunteer here:


4. Email your volunteer form and course grade sheet to kpvolunteerteam@gmail.com


Outdoor lunch schedule

*KP Recess Running Club: Currently on HOLD Due to COVID*


1. Every Wednesday the Running Club container will need to be picked up at the PTA Closet in the front office.

2. Head out to the field and set-up the cones. The loop starts and ends by the playground equipment (by tree). Kids run behind the backstop near the playground equipment then head out to far corner straight by fence. Place a cone in corner. The next cone goes back where the baseball field and black top meet. Kids should stay along the outside of ball field and not go around the back. The last cone goes by the side walk on the way back to the playground.

3. Set up the container on the pavement near the front of the shed near the playground.

4. If the kids are waiting to get started running, you can lead them in some fun warm-up exercises. Then, start them running in groups staggered to prevent tripping and pushing.

5. Each time a child completes a lap his/her hand will be marked. Children receive a charm or prize for the following laps completed per age group:

K/1st Grade 4 laps per charm/prize

2nd /3rd 6 laps per charm/prize

4th /5th 8 laps per charm/prize

6. After the last recess ends, pack-up running club container and put it back in the PTA closet in the front office. Make sure to collect the cones and all the markers.

Thank you for your help!