Programs (Community& Family Support)

Back to School Picnic

Welcome Back to School! Bring your family and your dinner to this fun event where everyone will have a chance to visit with friends and meet new families. Committee Chair: Kristin Rosner

Community Service Committee

Provides opportunities for KP families to participate in community service projects outside of the school. Committee Chairs: Rupal Patel

KP Yard Sale

Community event at KP for families to sell their wares. Sale proceeds made during the yard sale belong to the seller. This event is not a PTA fundraiser. All rental fees will be used for advertising and rental costs associated the sale itself. Committee Chair: Molly Tuesca

Parents and Pastries

Breakfast before school for parents and other special people. Committee Chairs: Leslie Strachan, Abbie Hartge

Fifth Grade End-of-Year Activities PTA Liaisons

The fifth grade has many end of year celebratory activities. Although the KP PTA helps to offset these costs, the 5th grade parents raise the majority of the money for all of the events. Committee Chairs: Liz Wood and Theresa Walker

Family Fun Day

This year-end event provides KP families and the community with an afternoon of fun, carnival games, raffles, food and live music. KP parents and staff volunteer to run the carnival games. Committee Chairs: Megan Griggs, Lauren Robinson

Skate Night

Each year the PTA rents a local ice skating rink so that students and their families, as well as teachers and staff and their families, may enjoy an evening of fun and exercise. Committee Chair: Stacey Solin

KP Welcome Wagon

This group welcomes families that are new to KP at the start of the year, or those who join mid-year. They answer common questions and help families navigate their new school community. Committee Chairs: Shoshana Eisenberg and Maggie Haslam