School and Facility Support

KP Green Team

The KP Green Team’s mission is to promote environmental sustainability and enhancement through awareness, education, and action. The committee provides environmental education opportunities and learning tools for the students and community. This effort supports a teaching style focused on hands-on, active, and engaging lessons where the students participate in enhancement, restoration and science projects. Committee Chair: Scott Lynch

Lunch and Recess Volunteer Program

In order to ensure that there is plenty of supervision for our children at recess and lunch, each class is assigned a month during which it is responsible for providing parent volunteers to serve as additional aides on the playground/cafeteria. Although it is not mandatory, parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer. Volunteers are still needed during inclement weather for indoor recess as well. Committee Chair: Megan Gatski, Ileana Benitez

Recess Running Club

Recess Running Club is a parent run recess activity where kids run laps around the field and earn charms for their accomplishments. The running club is a noncompetitive organized activity offered one day a week during all three recesses. Committee Chair: TBD