We need your help. All hands on the blacktop!

Recess Volunteers

In order to ensure that there is plenty of supervision for our children at recess throughout the year, each class will be assigned a month during which it will be responsible for providing parent volunteers to serve as additional aides on the playground.

All volunteers must complete online training on the prevention, recognition, and reporting of child abuse and neglect. Please complete the online training, "Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect: for Volunteers and Contractors." 

Check out your class assignment in the Volunteer Information document.

3 & 4 grade            recess/lunch: 11:30   -  12:35
Kindergarten & 1   recess/lunch: 12:15   -  1:20
2 & 5 grade            recess/lunch:
1:00    -   2:05

KP Recess Running Club

Please sign up to help with Wednesday Recess Running Club. Kids run 'laps' and earn charms for their accomplishments. Fall session is Oct 1. - Dec 10; Spring is March 1 - first week of June.

Each Wednesday a "leader" is assigned, but we also need an extra parent help ensure all goes smoothly. Please consider coming, especially to help with the younger grades.

Read the flyer.

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