Enrichment (Academic Support)

After School Clubs

The PTA works with Enrichment Academies to provide on-site after school activities such as art, Lego-engineering, dance etc. Committee Chairs: Gabrielle Fontana

Arts Integration Committee

This is a parent led support group for the Arts Integration program. This committee helps the classroom teachers and arts specialists with the implementation of arts activities. Parents volunteer in the classroom as needed with arts-integrated lessons and with visiting artists. Committee Chairs: Roberta Alves, Kara Blond, Stephanie Hixson

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Raises awareness through the celebration of our differences and similarities, to promote kindness, and to enhance anti-bullying efforts. In addition, this committee will advocate, as needed, on behalf of students, parents, teachers, and school administrators when concerns and issues arise. Committee Chairs: Vanessa Eisemann, Brent Almond

Council on Excellence for African American Students

The council empowers African American and minority parents to take a more proactive role in their children’s education, providing a forum for guidance and support to pursue the highest quality education possible. Committee Chair: Vacant

Gifted and Talented Committee

Represents the unique needs of the gifted and talented students at KP, serves as a liaison with the MCCPTA, serves as the voice for the GT needs at PTA meetings and provides information about the GT programs in MCPS. Committee Chair: Sarah Beck

International Night

Highlights and celebrates cultural diversity at KP. KP families are invited to share their (or any) heritage through costumes, displays, music, and food. Committee Chairs: Mara Kronenfeld, Audrey Thevenon Davidson

Learning Differences and Special Needs Committee

This committee represents the unique needs of special education students. Parent volunteers are the voice for the special needs students at PTA meetings and provide information about the school system special education programs. Committee Chair: Trish Stone

Science Fair

All students are invited to submit a science project of their choice. The event is held in the evening, and the projects are all on display in the gym. In addition, there are hands on science activities for a students. Parent volunteers promote and coordinate this event. Committee Chairs: Chris Fogg, Harry Burgess, Scott Friedman