PTA Committee Descriptions


Bingo Night

A fun night out with your family. Food and drinks are sold and prizes are awarded. Committee Chair(s): Sara Williams and Vanessa Eisenmann

Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education is an easy way to earn money for our school. Families are asked to cut out the Box Tops labels from participating products and send them into school with their students. Committee Chair(s): Angela Harvey

Eagle Fund Membership

Support your child's education by joining the Kensington Parkwood Elementary PTA (KPPTA). The PTA is a nonprofit group that organizes and sponsors and array of programs and services for students, parents, teachers and the community. Our goal is 100% participation and 100% of all donations go directly to the KPPTA and are tax deductible. Committee Chair(s): Sarah Beck and Lisa Welsien

Kensington 8K Race, 2-Mile Challenge, and 1K Fun Run

This is an annual fall event with corporate and community sponsors, as well as support from the Town of Kensington. The 8K is a competitive race on a certified course. There is also a 2-mile race, a 1K Fun Run and a post-race festival. KP staff and parents are involved in all coordination efforts including publicity, solicitation of sponsors, registration, and race day events and logistics. This event is not only a fundraiser but also a wonderful opportunity to promote our town, our school, and physical fitness. This has become a “cluster” event, although KP earns the majority of the proceeds, they are shared with North Bethesda Middle School and Walter Johnson High School. Committee Chair(s): Kathryn Markey, John Seabreeze, Janet De Jesus

Book Fair

This is an annual fall event. It provides KP families and members of the community the opportunity to support the PTA while expanding their personal libraries with fun and educational books. The Scholastic Book Fair is held at the school for one week with day and evening hours. Committee Chair(s): Susan Priester, Roberta Alves

Spring Auction & Party

Periodically the PTA hosts an auction and fundraising party in the Spring. The highly successful event in 2016 netted over $13,000. Committee Chair(s): Brent Davidson

Programs (Community and Family Support)

Back to School Picnic

Welcome Back to School! Bring your family and your dinner to this fun event where everyone will have a chance to visit with friends and meet new families. Committee Chair(s): Kristin Rosner

Community Service Committee

This committee provides opportunities for KP families to participate in community service projects outside of the school. Committee Chair(s): Casey Crimmins, Julie Gardner, Lisa Taneyhill

Family Fun Day

This year-end event provides KP families and the community with an afternoon of fun, carnival games, raffles, and food. KP parents and staff volunteer to run the games. Committee Chair(s): Lauren Robinson, Megan Griggs

KP Cares

KP Cares is a committee that acknowledges significant events and accomplishments of members of our KP Community. Committee Chair: Stacey Singer

Parents & Pastries

A fall breakfast before school for parents and other special people. Committee Chair(s): Leslie Strachan, Kara Blond.

Skate Night

Each year the PTA rents a local ice skating rink so that students and their families, as well as teachers and staff and their families may enjoy an evening of fun and exercise. Committee Chair(s): Stacey Solin

Enrichment (Academic Support)

After School Clubs

KP works with outside organizations to provide on-site after school activities such as art, Lego engineering, dance etc. Committee Chair(s): VACANT

Arts Integration Committee

This is a parent led support group for the Arts Integration program. This committee helps the classroom teachers and arts specialists with the implementation of arts activities. Parents volunteer in the classroom as needed with arts integrated lessons and with visiting artists. Committee Chair(s): Lindsay Field, Dana Dirker, Rebecca Smith.

Council on Excellence for African American Students

The council empowers African American and minority parents to take a more proactive role in their children’s education, providing a forum for guidance and support to pursue the highest quality education possible. Committee Chair(s): Tara Mansare

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The mission of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is to create and promote a welcoming KP community that embraces and celebrates the diversity of our families, students, and staff. The committee aims to develop creative ways to raise awareness through the celebration of our differences and similarities, to promote kindness, and to enhance anti-bullying efforts. Committee Chair(s): Catherine Gallagher, Jessica Chertow

Fifth Grade End of Year Activities PTA Liaison

The fifth grade has many end of year celebratory activities. Although the KP PTA helps to offset these costs, the 5th grade parents raise the majority of the money for all of the events. Committee Chairs: Dafna Silberfeld, Lauren Robinson

Gifted and Talented Committee

Represents the unique needs of the gifted and talented students at KP, serves as a liaison with the MCCPTA, serves as the voice for the GT needs at PTA meetings and provides information about the GT programs in MCPS. Committee Chair(s): Laura Willard

International Night

International Night highlights and celebrates cultural diversity at KP. Families are invited to share their (or any) heritage through costumes, displays, music, and food. We are proud to have a wide range of international influences at our school. Committee Chair(s): Mara Kronenfeld, Audrey Thevenon Davidson

Learning Differences and Special Needs

This committee represents the unique needs of special education students. Parent volunteers are the voice for the special needs students at PTA meetings and provide information about the school system special education programs. Committee Chair(s): VACANT

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

MCPS requires each school to analyze their performance and articulate very specific goals for improvement each year. Each school maintains a SIP and meets four times each year to review its progress towards it goals. The PTA usually has 3-4 representatives at each meeting. Committee Chair(s): VACANT

Science Fair

All students are invited to submit a science project of their choice. The event is held in the evening where all the projects are on display in the gym. In addition, there are hands on science activities for students. Parent volunteers promote and coordinate this event. Committee Chair(s): Christiana Fogg, Harry Burgess,Vinnie De Jesus

Communications and Public Relations

Bulletin Board

The KP PTA school bulletin boards are located outside the office and downstairs outside the All Purpose Room. They feature information on upcoming events and other special notices. The PTA Board and PTA committee chairs maintain information posted on this board. Committee Chair(s): PTA Board


This is an interactive e-mail network open to KP parents, teachers, administrators, and staff. Membership gives you the ability to send and receive school related messages. Committee Chair(s): Michelle Patail

Hospitality/Staff Appreciation

This committee organizes PTA receptions including the PTA meetings, staff appreciation breakfasts or lunches, teacher appreciation week, and other special events throughout the year. Committee Chair(s): Stacey Singer, Anna Sachs

Kindergarten Orientation

Each year KP hosts a Kindergarten Orientation in the Spring to register new kindergartners. The KP PTA provides information about the school and PTA activities, offers refreshments, and sells spirit wear. The current kindergarten classes will not have school on these days. Committee Chair(s): Laurel Fioravanti, Lisa Welsien

KP PTA Information Fair

The PTA hosts an information fair on the Friday before school starts at the same time as the Open House (when kids meet their teachers). Information tables include: membership, directory, 8K, spirit wear, after school activities, recess volunteers etc. Committee Chair(s): Pam Luskin

KP PTA Meetings

PTA meetings are generally the first Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm. At each meeting we discuss current events involving the school and offer informational program sessions. The PTA provides babysitting for potty trained children 3 and up. Committee Chair(s): PTA Board

New Family Orientation

The PTA and school invite families that are new to KP to attend the New Family Orientation. Parents hear from school administrators and parents, ask questions and tour the school. Committee Chair: Maggie Haslam

Newsletter - Eagle News

The PTA “Eagle News” is issued monthly and provides an opportunity for parents, teachers and staff to stay abreast of issues affecting KP and the Walter Johnson cluster. In addition, it provides information on topics of interest to the KP community. The newsletter is sent home as a hard copy and posted on the KP PTA website. Committee Chair(s): Debbie Rappaport

School Directory

The PTA produces an annual directory. All KP families who wish to be are included. Information includes student name, grade, address, phone, and email address. The directory also contains general school information, class lists, staff members, and PTA officers and committee chairs. The PTA provides one directory for each family free of charge, families can purchase additional directories for a nominal fee, and PTA members have access to an online version. Committee Chair(s): Janette Sessa-Ward

KP PTA Website

The KP PTA website,, includes up-to-date PTA news and announcements, a list of PTA officers and committee chairs, school club info, PTA activity info, volunteer and membership forms, and useful links to MCPS sites. Committee Chair: Jenn Super

Spirit Wear

To promote school spirit, the PTA sells t-shirts, shorts, and sweatshirts with a special KP logo. Committee Chair(s): Kim Fisher, Stacey Noonan

Welcome Wagon

This group reaches out to new families who join KP during the school year. Committee Chair(s): Shoshana Eisenberg


A Kensington Parkwood Elementary School yearbook is available for purchase to all grades. It captures school photos and events from throughout the school year. Committee Chair(s): Molly Chomas

School and Facility Support

Facilities Enhancement

This committee works with the MCPS Department of Facilities Management on the capital improvement and special projects like the fields of KP. Committee Chair(s): VACANT

Green Team

The mission of the KP Green Team is to promote environmental sustainability and stewardship through awareness, education, and action. Committee Chair(s): Scott Lynch

Health and Safety

This committee focuses on general health and safety issues that affect our students. The primary focus of this group has been on the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) initiative which aims to ensure that safer walking and bicycling routes to school are provided for our children. Committee Chair(s): Greg Fioravante

Lunch and Recess Volunteer Program

In order to ensure there is plenty of supervision for our children at recess and lunch, each class is assigned a month for parent volunteers to serve as additional aides on the playground/cafeteria. Although it is not mandatory, parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer. Volunteers are also needed during inclement weather for indoor recess. Committee Chair(s): Alison Durland

Recess Running Club

Recess Running Club is a parent run recess activity where kids run laps around the field and earn charms for their accomplishments. The running club is a non competitive organized activity offered one day a week during all three recesses. Committee Chair: Kim Elliott


Cluster Activities

Kensington Parkwood is in the Walter Johnson High School cluster. The cluster consists of the six elementary schools and two middle schools. The cluster offers an organized means of addressing budget issues that arise before the School Board and the County Council. Parent volunteers serve as representatives of KP at cluster-wide meetings held once a month. Committee Chair(s): PTA Board