November 6 Meeting Summation

posted Nov 10, 2014, 6:52 PM by Kensington Parkwood
There were approximately 18 people at the meeting: 
4 parents
7 staff including Barbara Liess and Alayna
2 PTA/Parents
2 Reps from the architectural firm, and
3 Reps from Montgomery County schools

The design that was picked was the one in front of the building. The reason it was chosen was because it was the best use of property space and was the design that would allow us to keep the most playground space.

There will be 8 new classrooms and expansion of 2 kindergarten spaces.

Office/administration space will be added and the multi-purpose room would be expanded and be approximately 1/3 larger. The size will be 3700 square feet.

Plans were shared and the big issue is the lack of space for the area downstairs where parents drive to pick up their kids and walkers assemble .Big discussion was had and they will revise plans to make the outside space larger to reduce crowding. Awnings will be included, and stairs will be added to facilitate walkers. In addition, there will be more hallway space created to facilitate the waiting area for the children that ride the bus. Sidewalk should be double wide to accommodate strollers

Several requests were made and committee will report back:
1) More natural light in multi-purpose area/gym. This will occur based on new design.
2) Garden for students to grow vegetables.
3) Round tables in the cafeteria for the children.
4) An outside track to be built. We want track to be eco friendly. (Recycled tracks are very expensive) They will consider an asphalt track.
5) The shed will be relocated near the asphalt.
6) Outdoor space for classroom teaching was requested.
7) A redesign of the teachers workroom to be more efficient.
8) Big meeting will occur on November 12th or 13th (7-10 pm) for final decision for this to be done by 2017. We need parents and PTA to be there.